1. Who is Ideagen?
    We're a team of engineers redesigning the way we use our tools, starting with 3D printers. 

  2. Are you official distributors?
    Yes, we are official distributors of TwoTrees, Creality, TriangleLab, and of course our own ideagen3D products.

  3. What kind of warranty do you provide?
    We provide warranty in line with the manufacturers', which is generally 1 year unless otherwise specified on the product page. It is a limited warranty, which means wear & tear and user damage are not covered. We will endeavor to reach a solution that you are happy with.

  4. Why should I buy from you? It's cheaper shipped from overseas at so-and-so.
    1. You'll get your items much faster from us. We've done the waiting so you don't have to.
    2. You'll actually get timely support from us. If you've ever bought from listings on overseas websites, you'd know how long it takes to get any response, and even then it's a garbled mess of bad translations and lack of knowledge. After all that, it's another 1 month wait for postage.
    3. Exclusive firmware and slicer profiles. We use what we sell, and chances are we've developed or co-developed what we sell, so we know them inside-out. We've fixed bugs, tuned printing settings, added features, and provide advice for modding/upgrading. The large manufacturers themselves won't bother, but we do, so you get to enjoy a smoother and more reliable experience.

  5. I envision a specialized, industrial, and/or enterprise related project. Will you be able to help me?
    Yes! We specialize in providing consultation and design services for larger-scale clients, from medical to automobile, to anything else you can imagine. Our expertise spans additive manufacturing, conventional manufacturing (CNC and related), integrated PCB design and manufacturing, and even firmware + software. You could say we are a full-stack developer for the real world. If it's possible, we know how to do it, safely and affordably. Sometimes, even the impossible have been made possible. Leave us a message, and we will get back to you.