Creality Hotend CR10 Ender 3

by Creality

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Hotend damaged beyond salvation? Have no fear! We have a very high quality, affordable, and completely plug'n'play replacement! High Quality Replacement Hotend for CR10 and Ender 3 series products. Colour: Red & Amber Material: Aluminum Package Contents:  1x 24V 40W Heater Cartridge 1x NTC3950 100k Thermistor 1x Hotend kit including: 1x Heatsink 1x Heatbreak (Red anodized) 1x Heatblock (Amber anodized) 1x MK8 0.4mm Nozzle 1x High quality PTFE Bowden Tube 2x Bowden tube couplers (1 for hotend, 1 for extruder) 1x High quality Silicone sock the heatblock (May be Blue or Black)

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