ideagen3D Spring Steel w/ PEI Flex Magnetic Bed

by ideagen3D

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All plates come with PEI pre-installed on the plate so you don’t have to worry about messing up application!

Easier to install, better quality, better pricing, no scuffing required, and more options.
Our PEI coated plates offer great adhesion for major filament types (like PLA, PETG, HTPLA, PCTG, TPU, TPE) and easy part removal. Print without Lifting corners!
Our plates are precision cut for the best quality on the market and our PEI surfaces are second to none.
Our PEI surfaces require NO scuffing or sanding to use and they are 100% Genuine PEI.
Our plates are made from high quality steel that will not rust.
What are you waiting for? Toss those scrapers in the trash and start flexing!
Just stick our magnet to your bed and slap the flex plate on to the magnet. Start your print like you always do and then when the bed cools (40 °C or less) you can pop the plate off with our convenient lift tabs and then flex the part off.
Maintenance Tip– Make sure to clean your bed before applying the magnet and occasionally wipe down the plate with IPA to keep the surface free of oils for best adhesion.

Important Information

Recommend print temps

PLA – 60 °C
HTPLA – 60 °C
PETG – 70-80 °C
PCTG – 70-80 °C
ABS – 100 °C

Product Usage Guidelines

ABS– You will need to use something like Vision Miner Nano Polymer to stick ABS to PEI. Smaller parts will stick but larger parts may lift without an adhesion promoter on the PEI surface

PETG/PCTG/TPU– If you are not careful with your 1st layer you can risk bonding the PETG/PCTG/TPU to the PEI surface. To avoid damaging the surface, apply hairspray or PVA gluestick as a peelable layer before printing PETG/PCTG/TPU, OR flip the bed around to use the non-PEI coated side.

Part Removal– Make sure your plate is at close to room temp (under 40 °C) before removing parts. Removing when hot may damage the surface.

Maintain Proper Z Height– When starting a print make sure your bed is level and your nozzle is not too close to the bed (if using an ABL system check that your Z offset is correct and use the Babystepping to adjust during a print). Running the nozzle too close will damage the surface and/or embed the plastic into the sheet. Damage due to improper Z height is hard to fix and is not covered under warranty.

Cleaning– Keep the top and bottom of the plate clean as well as the magnet if you get anything on it. IPA is what is recommended to clean the plate and magnetic base. Make sure that no liquids or adhesives are on top of the magnet or bottom of the plate. If liquids are between the magnet and the plate it can damage and degrade the magnet so keep them dry and clean.

Max Temperature– DO NOT exceed 130 °C.

Delivery & Pick-up Info

We do NOT have a walk-in physical store to browse, etc. currently.

Pick ups are currently suspended until further notice!

Courier typically takes 1-8 business days for metro cities around the east coast, a bit more for WA, Tas, and regional areas.

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