Stainless Steel Nozzle 0.2mm-1.0mm (High Precision Machined)

by TriangleLab

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Super high quality Stainless Steel nozzles for MK8 & E3D V6-style hotends. Stainless Steels are the minimum hardness recommended for printing abrasive filaments like Carbon Fiber, Wood, and Rainbow.  Stainless Steel is the only certified metal nozzle material for products that will be used in/under medical conditions, and/or in contact with food and beverages. Make sure your nozzle and HEAT BREAK's front end are tight and sealed. Otherwise, the melted filament will leak along the screw holes. *Replacing nozzles may require re-leveling (or changing bed Z offset) *V6 and MK8 style nozzles are 99% fully compatible with each other. V6 nozzles are exactly 0.2 mm shorter thank MK8 nozzles. So if you are changing between these styles, please remember to re-level your bed (or change bed Z offset)!

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