Stepper Motor Cable Extension 30cm 4 Pin XH 2.54

by ideagen3D

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Converting to Direct Drive, but your OEM extruder cable won't reach the hotend?

Just grab this extension! Plug'n'play, no soldering/crimping required.

Each "unit" comes with 2 parts:

  1. 1x 30 cm 4-pin XH 2.54 male-male cable
  2. 1x male-female adapter

Daisy chain to reach your desired length!

Typical scenarios:

  • Ender 3: 2 pcs (60 cm total)
  • Sapphire Plus: 3 pcs (90 cm total)

*Stepper motor (in photo 3) not included.

*This extension installs between your mainboard and your pre-existing stepper motor cable.

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