Sunlu FilaDryer S1 Filament Dryer

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SUNLU Fila Dryer S1
The Sunlu Dryer S1 is perfect for consumers, artists, and designers. It is an integrated solution for drying 3D printing filament and keeping it dry while printing, which can improve print quality and increase the fun of 3D printers.
By reducing moisture in your filament your 3D printing quality will increase dramatically.
In Australia moisture in the room and even when filament comes sealed in a bag sits between 25-50% humidity. With a Heater box at 40-55 degrees, you can reduce this down to 8-15% and see vast improvements in printing quality.
Most 3D printing filament easily absorbs moisture from the air. And when the moisture content in the filament increases, the print quality decreases, and can even cause prints to fail!
2-inch LCD screen, displaying temperature and time.
Dual temperature probes, to measure the temperature of the cabinet and heating plate.
Surround heating, more uniform heating, better drying effect.
Adjustable temperatures, versatility for your climate and filament material (35℃~55℃)
Automatic Timer, Pre-set when to start and stop for peace of mind.

Name: S1 Filament Dryer Box
Color: White
Temperature range: 35-55℃
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm/2.85mm/3.00mm

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