Titan Dual Drive Extruder

by TwoTrees

Kit Contents

Performance, power, push. Titan brings high performance, lightweight extrusion. All the benefits of geared extrusion in a lightweight, punchy little package. The Titan Extruder is an easy drop-in replacement on most bowden-drive 3D printers, but also enables direct-drive possibilities with E3D or Mosquito Hotends.

  • 1x Mounting Bracket for 40 mm extrusions
  • 1x Titan Extruder Kit
  • 1x Bowden Coupler
  • 1x Set of required allen keys

What does this extruder excel at?

✖ = Not at all

✔ = Good, whether bowden or direct

🇩 = Only with direct drive

 Material Capable?
Carbon Fiber, Wood, & Multi-Colored
ABS ✔ 
Flexibles (e.g. TPU) ✔ but better in 🇩