TMC2208 V3.0 Silent Stepper Motor Driver

by TwoTrees

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The TMC2208 is a monolithic component with integrated mosfets for up to 1.2 ARMS and optimal power controllers for noiseless, sinusoidal control of the motor phases. Above all, both components were designed with the goal of easy application in mind.
Enhanced by the flexible microPlyer interpolator unit, the components offer a resolution of up to 256 microsteps-per-full-step to achieve perfect sinusoidal control, even in systems with a limited achievable step pulse rate. Further development of TRINAMIC's stealthChop technology, which was introduced two years ago, has all but eliminated motor noise at low speeds, making the precise control of stepper motors not only possible, but affordable for application in environments that demand absolute silence (e.g. office buildings and residential areas).
Due to the immense popularity of stealthChop technology in 3D print applications, the components have been designed for drop-in compatibility with existing 3D printer electronics. With these components, there is no need for costly redesign. The component features a step/direction input for fully autonomous operation. Configuration is achieved via digital inputs.
Not sure how to get started with installation? Watch this video by Michael from TeachingTech to get started! You'll need a slotted mainboard with replaceable drivers.


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