TwoTrees Sapphire Plus Large COREXY 3D Printer

by TwoTrees



V3 Now available! +Top-accessible electronics cutouts, carborundum glass bed, and belt-synchronized Z-axes

Thinking of a large 3D Printer? Looking at a CR10, Ender 5, or anything similar?


None of them can even compare to this! (except bed size, and strangely enough, price)

The Sapphire Plus comes with 

  • COREXY movement,
  • Linear Rails in ALL DIMENSIONS,
  • Dual Z motors AND Dual Z Endstops
  • An unbelievable price!

It's a stiff boy that won't be bothered if you turn the printer around MID-PRINT! It can also print at 250 mm/s to rush out those customer orders that your broke your other printers! (see videos!)

Brawns are matched by brain, with an upgradable 32-bit board with 30 spare pins, you can upgrade this to your heart's content! (it also has silent TMC2208 drivers... shhh)

360W PSU heats the printer up in a jiffy!

300 x 300 x 350 mm print volume.
BEST reliability, speed, size, AND QUALITY anywhere near this price!

These are an updated batch. Over the initial review batch, these have:

  • Upgraded Z axis (full 350 mm height usable)
  • Upgraded fans for better cooling at lower noise
  • Improved hotend mounting and QC
  • Strengthened heatbed connection
  • Improved stock firmware (but we have also developed our own custom firmware that gives you even better quality out of the box, exclusive to our customers only)
  • Belt-synchronized Z-axis (never goes out of sync)

Order from ideagen3D to access EXCLUSIVE firmware & unparalleled local support!


  • Print Volume: 300 x 300 x 350 cm
  • Kinematics: CoreXY
  • Hardware: 100% Linear Rails
  • PSU Wattage: 360W
  • Maximum Nozzle Temperature: 260 °c
  • Maximum Bed Temperature: 100 °c
  • Mainboard: MKS Nano 1.2
  • Stepper drivers: TMC2208 (swappable)
  • 0.0025 mm Z-axis precision
  • 0.01 mm XY-axis precision
  • Connections: USB, SD Card

Is an upgrade required for the material you intend to print with?

✖ = not at all

✔ = not strictly necessary, but highly recommended

💯 = absolutely critical

 Material Enclosure
Nozzle Hotend
Carbon Fiber, Wood, & Multi-Colored
Flexibles (e.g. TPU) ✔ Direct Drive

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